Erin & Keith at St Joseph Parish

Erin and I began planning the flowers for her wedding in February of this year. I was immediately intrigued with Erin's red and blue color scheme. I love how Erin managed to pull off a daring color palette, while remaining elegant at the same time. wedding at St Joseph Parish

The venue was St Joseph Parish in Dexter. This was only the third wedding to be held there. High ceilings, clean lines and abundant natural light make St Joseph an amazing venue.

Erin and Keith

signing the marriage certificate

It's official! Now it's time for some formal photos.

a family close up

the bridal party in blue and red

I love how the color of the bridesmaids' dresses is picked up in the bridesmaids' bouquets with tweedia.

altar arrangement with hydrangea, delphinium, Black Baccara roses, myrtle, scented geranium and bamboo

After the ceremony and pictures, the altar arrangements made their way over to Barnstormer to decorate the reception. Moving your altar arrangements is a great way to get the most for your money. Now all the guests have a chance to admire them up close! The altar arrangements are made up of Black Baccara roses, pale blue hydrangea, light blue Bella Donna delphinium, myrtle, scented geranium, and bamboo branches.

bridal bouquet of Black Baccara roses with lace detailing

The bridal bouquet is made up of 42 velvety Black Baccara roses. Ivory satin ribbon and a hint of lace add a feminine touch.

bridesmaid bouquet with Black Baccara roses, tweedia and a velvet stem wrap

The bridesmaids' bouquets contain accents of tweedia set against Black Baccara roses. The stem wrap is made of velvet ribbon.

corsage with Black Beauty sweetheart roses, seeded eucalyptus and silver brunia

The corsages included Black Beauty sweetheart roses, seeded eucalyptus and silver brunia mounted on ivory pearl corsage bracelets.

Congratulations Erin and Keith!