Lunch at the Flint Farmers Market - Part 1

A few weeks ago my friend (and neighbor) Elizabeth called. She had some seriously overgrown smoke bush in her yard. Her problem was my dream come true! I drove over with three buckets of water and went to work. I took the clippings, along with my table setup down to the Flint Farmers Market, and here’s what I created…

An umbrella of cotinus floats over a table at the Flint Farmers market

I suspended an umbrella of smoke bush above the table. Extra leaves rained down onto the tabletop.

a centerpiece of Polar Star roses, variegated aspidistra leaves, and smoke bush

Then I put together a quick centerpiece to bring color onto the tabletop.

smoke bush bouquet

Finally, I whipped up a bouquet completely out of smoke bush. I love the translucency of the leaves. I also love that they are purple on the top and green on the bottom.

smoke bush bouquet

Here is a top view of the bouquet.