Use fruit and vegetables in your centerpieces

Your wedding guests may spend three hours sitting at the reception, so if you want to make a lasting impression - put your money on the table. And my brides generally do. Centerpieces often make up 50% or more of the wedding flower budget. This may sound like a lot, but with a few tricks, budget-minded brides can make a big impression and save money at the same time. Idea #1: Use fruit and vegetables to complement the flowers in a centerpiece, or as their own centerpiece.

Centerpiece with apples and hydrangeas

Apples, pears, and grapes look great, and are available all year round. The smooth skin of apples and pears flatter the ruffled texture of hydrangeas and open roses. Green grapes are versatile and compliment almost any arrangement. While purple and red grapes may be used to introduce a rich, dramatic tone to an arrangement that may only be equaled by expensive deep-hued blooms (e.g. Schwartzwalder mini callas, Black Baccara roses, and chocolate cosmos.)

Citrus fruit such as oranges, limes and lemons heat up spring and summer arrangements. Pair lemons with Tiffany blue linens for a sophisticated pop. Nestle lime halves among foliage and green and white flowers to create a fresh, natural centerpiece. Wire thin orange slices into a pink arrangement for a tropical theme. Not only will your centerpieces look stunning, but they will certainly please the nose too.

Autumn is the best time for inexpensive fruits and vegetables. Along with apples, pears, and grapes look out for ornamental gourds, cabbages, red-skinned potatoes, and artichokes at the local farmers market. These will make a beautiful accent for an autumn harvest themed centerpiece. One of my favorite fruits, the pomegranate, is available in the late fall and early winter. The ruddy rind is perfect for either an autumn centerpiece or a holiday themed centerpiece.

glass hurricane filled with seasonal fruit and gourds

Here's a centerpiece you can try for yourself. Create a simple centerpiece with a Dionysian feel by piling seasonal fruit in your favorite footed bowl or hurricane. Make sure to let the fruit spill over the edges and onto the table. Don't be surprised if part of the centerpiece has been eaten by the end of the night!