Vote 4 Floral Verde LLC!

Floral Verde LLC listing For the last six weeks we have been running for the Best Florist in the WDIV "Vote 4 the Best" guide. I've had some great reviews from recent brides. Check out what people are saying on my listing.

If you've enjoyed my work as a bride, groom or guest at one of my many weddings this summer I would love your feedback. Just follow this link to vote! Click on the VOTE button located at the top of my listing... then it will send you an email to confirm your vote. Your time and support is greatly appreciated!

If you have a couple extra minutes you have the option to leave a comment and rate my service after you vote. I would love to hear your thoughts!

The contest is only running another two weeks after which time you will be able to find my reviews on CityVoter. Thank you so much for your support!