Board #7: Vintage Hollywood in Pink and Champagne

Heather, an organized and hands-on bride from Texas, came to me with a precise vision of her wedding day. Equipped with samples of hand-made button details, vintage ribbon, a gorgeous wedding scrapbook, and every female member of her family, we had a very productive and fun meeting. the inspiration chosen by the bride - bouquets by Artfool from the Winter 2007 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings

Two of the inspirational bouquets in her scrapbook (pictured above) really spoke to me, and they both happen to be from the same Winter 2007 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. The bouquets in this feature were all created by the very talented Matthew Robbins at Artfool. No wonder I was totally in love!

Here are the roses and peonies that I felt matched her vision for a 1930's Hollywood themed wedding with a color palette of antique pink, ivory, gold and black:

floral palette combining champagne, ivory and antique pink

Some of my favorite flowers on the board are the Faith rose (first row, first image) for its incredible size and antique color; the Hypnose rose (second row, first image) again for its antique color; the Celestial spray rose (fourth row, fourth image) for its opening pattern - it looks like a ranunculus; and all of the roses in the Prophyta family (fifth row, first, third and fourth images) for their romantic colors, affordability and their classic shape. If the floral palette weren't limited to roses and peonies I might also suggest using pink astilbe, tuberoses, pale pink ranunculus, peony tulips and pink hanging amaranthus.

Row 1: Faith rose from Asiri Blooms, Antico Amore garden rose from Royal Flowers, Vendela rose from Royal Flowers, O'hara garden rose from Royal Flowers Row 2: Hypnose rose from Eufloria, Sahara rose from Eufloria, Talea+ rose from Eufloria, Sweet Avalanche rose from Eufloria Row 3: Charming Unique rose from Royal Flowers, Geneve rose from Esmeralda, Cremita spray rose from Fresca Farms, Star Blush spray rose from Fresca Farms Row 4: Ilse spray rose from Royal Flowers, Chablis spray rose from Fresca Farms, Porcelina spray rose from Fresca Farms, Celestial spray rose from Fresca Farms Row5: Prophyta rose from Esmeralda, Timeless rose from Fresca Farms, Cream Prophyta rose from Esmeralda, Pink Prophyta rose from Esmeralda Row 6: all from Zest International Ltd. - Ferris Petticoat Peony, Mr Ed peony, Baroness Schroder peony, Pillow Talk peony