Board #2: Early Summer Garden Wedding

early summer garden wedding flower inspiration board This board is for a very special wedding in early July. My bride has already chosen bridesmaids dresses that are teal on the bottom and black lace on top. She has expressed an interest in using blue, green and white flowers, with the requirement of including her sorority flower - the iris.

Refreshing, summery scents will permeate the ceremony and reception. The bride and bridesmaids will carry several stems of sweet and lightly fruity smelling freesia. The centerpieces will freshen the reception with scented geranium, which has a delicate lemon scent, and ivory stock, which smells of cloves.

Though wonderful, scented flowers are ephemeral in nature. The effort a flower expends to produce scent often reduces its vase life. So along with the temporal iris, these scented flowers will be carefully selected and pampered, to ensure peak beauty and fragrance for the day of the wedding.

Row 1: ivory stock, white mini calla, variegated ivy, light blue bella donna delphinium

Row 2: Mint Ice cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea, Del Norte iris, bupleurum

Row 3: Trinity iris, scented geranium, white freesia, Niagara double-faced satin ribbon from Midori

Row 4: stellata pods, Polaris cushion spray chrysanthemum, blue scabiosa, fern curl