Board #3: The Autumn Blues

autumn wedding flower inspiration board with blue Blue is one of the most commonly requested colors in wedding flowers. Many people think of spring bulbs like iris and hyacinth when they think of blue. However, the period between late summer and early autumn is one of the best times to find wild and interesting blue blossoms. Delphinium, bachelor's button, hydrangea, tweedia, thistle, and scabiosa are all wonderful fall flowers. But how do you work blue into an autumn themed wedding?

When brides ask for blue a common florists' trick is to suggest the standard purple-blue-white color scheme. The purple flowers are used to disguise the purple undertones that prevail in many blue flowers. With a mixture of many shades of blue and purple the hope is that one of the colors in the bouquets will match the color of the bridesmaids' dresses. This trick usually works, but the resulting bouquets don't speak the language of autumn.

The lofty color blue becomes firmly grounded when it is used as an accent to autumn hues. Here soft blues are paired with brown, orange, olive and muted yellow. This particular scheme is meant to work with pale blue bridesmaids' dresses, but may also be used with beige, chocolate and certain greens and yellows, too.

Row 1: Tokomaru Coca Cola mini cymbidium orchid, baby green artichokes, Sensation mini callas, pale yellow freesia, magnolia foliage

Row 2: yellow stock, tweedia, chocolate ranunculus, green wheat, Indian Summer spray roses

Row 3: feather celosia, Mt Everest rose, rain tree, eucalyptus pods, Lemoncello spray roses

Row 4: chocolate cosmos, scented geranium, Mood Cushion pomp, birch branches, Gold mokara orchids

Row 5: berzillia baubles, Sole Mio Asiatic lily, blue antique hydrangea, Aethiopica mini calla, cat tails